One-Stop, Worry-Free, and Big Saving


McKinley Group’s Special Merchandise Transaction and Clearance Services, with providing the service over 20 years in the industry, offers a wide range of special delivery services covering from non-standard deliveries to worry-free express with secure and discrete delivery versatile and reliable delivery options.

Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of our clients while offering exceptional value in the marketplace and setting the standard for professionalism in the logistic solutions we provide. 

Cargo Aircraft We Provide


Antonov freighter

Max takeoff weight (lbs): 1,410,958

Max Cargo Capacity: 38,846 cu ft

Antonov freighter

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Airbus 380 freighter

Max takeoff weight (lbs): 1,300,000

Max Cargo Capacity: 32,760 cu ft

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Boeing 777 freighter

Max takeoff weight (lbs): 766,000

Max Cargo Capacity: 22,535 cu ft

Boeing 777 freighter

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Low-Cost, High-Quality Service

  1. Save up to 2/3 of the existing logistic cost without losing the quality of the service.

  2. Specially adjusted service procedure to deliver your merchandise fast and easy.

Worry-Free, Professional Door-2-door delivery service

  1. Pickup point to your destination by CIF door-to-doorA-Z all-inclusive and whatever it takes” including completion of missing documents.

  2. We pick up your merchandise from any country and use our secured delivery service to any destination in the world.

We provide:

  1. Private Aircraft will be ready by your delivery schedule.

  2. Consignment with 110% insurance value amount of merchandise.

  3. In continuous attendance of client and client’s representatives.


  1. Terms and conditions discussed and signed.

  2. On your delivery day, the aircraft shall be ready at your location for deployment.

  3. We will seal and lift the merchandise.

  4. We will arrange and issue all documents for customs clearance of consignment followed by forwarding and clearing of merchandise through the customs.

  5. The aircraft arrives at your destination and we will clear the merchandise through Government Customs ready for immediate secure onward transport of merchandise to the Delivery Location.

  6. Merchandise will be delivered to each designated location.